Recording acoustic drums can be done in many different ways. We have chosen a setup that works good and features 13 channels.

2 for Overheads

2 for Ambience / room

2 for Snaredrum

1 for each Tom

1 for Hihat

3 for Bassdrum

1 placed at the drummers shoulder / ear

(Usually / when needed, we create a few additional tracks especially for snare and bassdrum

via the Drumagog plugin in purpose to blend in suitable samples with the original tracks.

Then you´ll have a larger sound-palette regarding drums when you mix.)

We deliver premium recorded drums played by a professional drummer on your song / album, clean or processed.

All we need from you is a file with the song without drums, bpm and the desired samplerate. Of course we´ll have a conversation before we start recording, regarding your wish about the style, drum selection, attitude etc.

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Recording the drums

Drums recorded at SwedenMix.


The drummer, Berndt Baumgartner, has been playing, recording and touring with various swedish artist and bands for the last 20 years.